The List of Seeking Truth for Top Ten "Science" Rumors in 2019


1.Once infecting pestis, there is no medicine to cure and you will die undoubtedly.


The fatality rate of pestis reaches up to 100%, and there is no medicine to cure, if you are infected, you will die undoubtedly.


Pestis named The Black Death as well, which is a fulminating infectious disease, caused by yersinia pestis. According to different infection sites and clinical manifestation, it can be classified by glandular plague, pneumonic plague, septic plague, light plague, and other rare-type plague. In history, pestis had gave rise to large-scale death, but this is because people in that time had limited cognition of pestis’s pathogenesis, cure and precaution.

Aithough people can infected pestis easily, it can be cured in modern medicine, in fact, pestis had been treated by using antibiotic standardly in clinical trial. If patients are treated standardly in early phase, curative ratio is really high. Suspicious contact can also avoid infecting by taking preventable medicine.

However, what need to remind of is that the fatality rate of untreated pestis is extremely high, such as the most dangerous pneumonic plague, can cause deadliness after 18-24 hours of paroxysm. The case fatality rate of Septic plague is nearly 100% without timely treatment. So diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible is crucial to survive and decrease complication.

Gao Fu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, expressed that china has established relatively sophisticated prevention and control system, as long as scientifically dealing with it, the epidemic will not diffuse widely.

2.G-series high-speed train in china radiate seriously, which can cause female sterility.


Domestic G-series high-speed train had serious radiate problem from the date of birth, the biggest problem is harmful to female reproductive system, causing infertility.


The average amount of electricity used is 25,000 volts and 50 hertz alternating current of domestic G-series high-speed train. Accordingly, this frequency of electric field and magnetic field that high voltage electric power equipment of G-series high-speed train radiates named extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation, which belongs to nonionizing radiation, having no effect on female fertility. The statement that G-series high-speed train radiation seriously caused fertility is misleading.

Where there is electric, there is radiation, ordinary train and subway have radiation,as well as shaver and sunshine. As long as limited in a safe value, radiation will not exert an influence to people. International commission for non-ionizing radiation protection rules that the safe standard of magnetic field radiation generated by G-series high-speed train is under 100 micro tesla, and electric field radiation is under 5 kv/m.

Professional of the Beijing Railway Bureau measured electric field radiation in carriage specially and public metrical data, shows that in the location of different train type’s first-class and second-class carriage, the joint of carriage and cab, the electric field radiation distributed within the scope of 0.011-0.021 kv/m. After comparing these data, it is not hard to find that electromagnetic radiation of domestic G-series high-speed train is inferior to international standard, which can not be harmful to human body.

3.Liquefied gas steel cylinder on fire must Extinguish first and then turn off the valve


The most biggest misunderstanding of liquid gas storage tank exploding is turn off the valve at once. You are bound to remember to extinguish the fire first and then turn off the valve.


It is not the case and don’t be misled by the gossip. Once liquefied gas steel cylinder on fire, we should adopt different treatment measures according to the real condition.

Under the condition that the liquefied gas steel cylinder’s valve undamaged, first choice is turn it off, and the fire would extinguish. The situation spread online that put out a fire first and turn off the valve later, or it can temper and lead to explode, will not happen when liquefied gas steel cylinder is on fire. Only when gas pipeline is on fire, if turn off the valve fast, which will lead to the pressure in the pipeline decline fast and lower than outside, then give rise to temper.When dealing with gas pipeline fire, firemen turn the pipeline valve and fire to the minimum slowly at first, and then turn off the valve to put out the fire, which in order to prevent temper. The vase and bottleneck of liquefied gas steel cylinder are small, which have less pressure relatively, and will not generate difference pressure difference. What’s more, pressure inside of liquefied gas steel cylinder larger than outside.

If the valve of liquefied gas steel cylinder on fire is broken, you could not put out the fire, and carry it to an open field placed stand. Cool down the cylinder with water, waiting liquefied gas burning down. If the cylinder on fire can not move at home, call the police at first, and evacuate to the safe area until the end of fire control disposition, then deliver to professional liquefied gas station.

If the liquefied gas steel cylinder fall down crosswise burning, it can easily heated by fire to specific temperature. Liquefied gas in the steel cylinder heated to swell, which can lead to physical explosion easily. So please pay attention, don’t let the firing steel cylinder fall down. When there is no way to prognosticate and no ability to dispose, please call 119 at the first time, waiting firemen come and dispose.

4. Thyroid nodule is the omen of thyroid cancer


Checking out the result of thyroid nodule is the omen of thyroid cancer


In general, most of the thyroid nodule are benign lesion, the real thyroid malignant tumor occupies very small parts, there is no need for thyroid nodule patients to worry excessively.

Diagnose thyroid cancer mainly depends on palpation, ultrasound, puncture and intraoperative pathological. with the continually improvment of modern ultrasonic technique Technical resolution, more and more thyroid corpora mammillaria micro carcinoma can be found, which have strong stealthiness, most of the thyroid cancer can be cured by scientific and normative remedy.

However, although there is no need to worry about thyroid nodule too much, it can not be treated lightly, and need to clarify the diagnosis in the standard hospital as soon as possible, in order not to make the disease worse and miss the prime time of the cure.

In addition, in early phase of thyroid cancer does not have overt symptom and hard to perceive, if there are symptoms including nodule increasing suddenly, dysphagia and adhesion occurring in the tissues near the nodule, you should take comprehensive thyroid function test to estimate the nodule. For those nodules difficult to distinguish, you are supposed to take a regular checking every 6-12 months.

5. Artificial snow catalysts which contain silver iodide have an influence on health


The large scale of snowfall in North China on February 13 to 14, 2019 is Artificial snow. Silver iodide contained in Artificial snow catalysts are harmful to human health and can cause environmental pollution.


Artificial snow was added to some areas during this snowfall, but even if all the silver iodide catalysts were dropped to the ground, the amount of silver iodide per square kilometer would still be only 0.21 grams.

The concentration of silver ion is about 0.000035mg/L according to the precipitation, which is far lower than the requirement of the World Health Organization Standard and the National Sanitary Standard of drinking water in China that the silver content should not exceed 0.05 mg/L. It will not cause pollution to the ecological environment, not to mention endanger human health.

As early as the 1960s, research institutions began to study the impact of silver iodide catalysts on the environment. After artificial rain and snow tasks, the United States, Spain, Greece, Australia, Russia and other countries monitored precipitation and soil data, which showed that the average concentration of silver ions are very low. Therefore, the adverse effects of artificial weather modification catalyst, silver iodide, on the ecological environment can be ignored.

6. "quantum wave fast reading" can read 100,000 words per minute


This is a revolutionary way of reading, in the quantum wave fast reading process, you just need flip book in high speed (similar to the speed of playing cards) , or not even completely open, you can understand the content of the book, and repeat it out!


Quantum is the smallest unit that can show the characteristics of a substance or physical quantity. "quantum wave" is just a state of quantum in physics.

The concept what the so-called "quantum wave fast reading" presumably intended to wrap up is: through quantum fluctuations to produce a dynamic image in the mind, that is, helping perception organs produce multi-dimensional perception through the concept of physics.

However, quantum fluctuations or collisions can only occur in the giant "quantum collider". Simply flipping through a book by hands is impossible to produce quantum fluctuations, and the so-called "quantum wave fast reading" is a kick in one's gallop.

It is reported that many places have set up whole-brain training courses such as quantum wave fast reading under the cloak of high-tech. For example, some of the training providers claim that not only can they "read ten lines at a glance, ", it opens up the pineal gland -- "as soon as the pineal gland opens, the god eye opens, and you can read books with your eyes closed". And when students feel "nothing learned," the training side would usually say, "the students are too old to open god eyes."

Actually, the pineal gland has nothing to do with perception. Reading speed is controlled by the propagation velocity of the nervous system, any fast reading has to face the human body limit, the upper limit can not be exceeded. Anyone who brags about being able to read faster than the limit is a fraud.

In fact, the link between real quantum mechanics and everyday life is so tenuous that these false concepts have nothing to do with quantum mechanics and they are just making use of frontier technology to hype all kinds of marketing and publicity.

7. Radio waves received from outer space


Scientists have detected a mysterious signal from the universe, it has been found to be an alien signal through professional analysis, earnest netizen cries out"don’t answer"!


The research in The Myth refers to a scientific group led by a Canadian scientific group who detected a repeating Fast Radio Burst (FRB for short), which was generated beyond 1.5 billion light years, named FRB 180814.J0422 + 73. Unedited version of two papers about this finding appears online in the academic journal Nature on Jan. 9.

Fast radio storm refers to radio waves that burst out of the galaxy, it usually lasts only milliseconds and carries a huge amount of energy and it was first detected when searching data in pulsar in 2007. Until today, more than 100 Fast radio storms have been detected by human.

The discovery was unique: the radio waves were repeated six times. It was the second time in human history that a repeated radio burst was detected, the first time happened in 2015.

Many media, including the BBC, CNN and the Guardian, have reported this discovery, and some have suggested it could be evidence of extraterrestrial life, interpreting repetitive radio waves as signals from an alien civilization, even speculating whether an alien civilization could have jumped several billion light years in just a few years.

But the nature paper by the scientific group that made the discovery does not offer any speculation about extraterrestrial life. They only expressed that it was difficult to draw any conclusion from the previous detection of one repeat outbreak, and that the rediscovery of a repeat outbreak meant it was probably not as rare as previously thought.

This event is a misreading of the original paper, but also reflects the enthusiasm of the exploration of extraterrestrial civilization and the worry about extraterrestrial civilization risk.

8. Running hurts knees and easy to suffer arthritis


People running too often suffer coxarthriz and gonitis easily.


Risk factors for arthritis including age, family history, overweight and injury, while the length and number of time, intensity and distance of running were not associated with arthritis. In other words, people who were older, heavier, had a family history of arthritis or joint injuries were more likely to suffer arthritis.

Long-distance running don't destroy joints, and marathoners have a lower rate of arthritis than the ordinary people. A large scale study in 2007 found that only 3.5 percent of runners with fitness goals had arthritis, compared with 10.2 percent of sedentary people. In other words, running can be a protective factor for the knee, and the key is running in the right way.

In short, according to their physical condition, running within their own capacity. As long as the method is proper, running is beneficial to the joints and health.

9.The radiation of 5G base station is stronger than that of 4G, which is greatly harmful to human body.


All the Cell Phone Base Stations have radiation, the number of 5G base stations is more than 4G, so 5G radiation is larger than 4G, which is greatly harmful to human body!


Radiating is actually a form of energy transfer. Network speeding up has nothing to do with base station radiation value-added. Network speeding up is not based on enhancing the Signal transmitting power of communication base stations, but expanding the capacity of transmission bandwidth, just like widening the highway. The same theory goes for 5G base stations. Moreover, the more the number of base stations, the better the effect of cell phone calls, and electromagnetic radiation between cell phones and base stations is smaller.

The Earth is a large magnetic field, natural lightning, sunspot activity and so on are producing electromagnetic radiation. In daily life, radio station, Base Station Antenna, microwave oven, computer, television, Hair Dryer, radio and other household appliances which are inseparable from people's lives will also produce electromagnetic radiation. In general, the hair dryer can radiate up to 100 microwatts per square centimeter, the induction cooker can even radiate up to 580 microwatts per square centimeter, the wireless router commonly used in homes can produce over 60 microwatts per square centimetre in the 1 metre range.

The electromagnetic radiation of the communication base station should be less than 40 microwatts/square centimeter according to the national standard. When it comes to actual implementation, the operator considers the signal superposition, the project construction should be controlled within 8 microwatts / square centimeter. Therefore, no matter compared with national standards or commonly used household appliances, radiation of communications base station is very small, and will not be harmful to the human body.

10.You have to give up the baby if you are found to be pregnant after taking X-ray.


X-ray can exert a tremendous influence on human health, especially for pregnant women, babies and fetus. So You have to give up the baby if you are found to be pregnant after taking X-ray, and you need to miscarry in time.


X-ray has adverse effects on all mammals and calfs, including humans, even embryo, and those effects have threshold.

Adults and fetuses only to be hurt when radiation received reach to a certain level. Therefore, you can not talk about the damage without the "dose" of radiation.

For the fetus, different gestational age corresponds to different safe dose of radiation. In 2017, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued guidelines: 0 To 2 weeks of gestation, threshold of teratogenic dose is 50 to 100 MSV (MSV), the main impact is fetal death; 2 to 8 weeks of gestation, threshold of teratogenic dose is 200 MSV, the main impact is congenital malformation; At 8 to 15 weeks of gestation, the threshold of teratogenic dose was 60 to 310 MSV, and the main effects were mental development and deformity. Therefore, the threshold of minimum impact dose for the fetus is 50 MSV, which is theoretically safe as long as it does not exceed this value.

In general, the radiation dose for an ordinary chest radiograph is 0.02 MSV, the x-ray dose for a knee joint is 0.005 MSV, the head CT is 2 MSV, and the chest CT is 8 MSV. Obviously, these radiation doses are limited in a safe scope. Reaching 50 MSV is equivalent to take 2,500 chest X-rays continuously, or to take six times CTs continuously.

Many hospitals take appropriate protective measures for people who are examined. For example, when taking a chest x-ray, The inspectors will wear a special lead cap, lead collar and a heavy lead Apron in the waist and below to protect the human body from unnecessary radiation.

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