Tech companies in Beijing actively involved in epidemic containment


The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility. Since the occurrence of NCP outbreak, tech companies and sci-tech workers in Beijing have been resolutely carrying out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding NCP outbreak containment and forging ahead in the outbreak containment action, fully demonstrating how tech companies and sci-tech workers in Beijing fulfill their responsibility and duty.




China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd (“Sinopharm”), as the largest centrally-administered pharmaceutical company with the number one overall strength and the most complete industry chain in the country, spares no effort to work hard on every front including emergency allocation of medical supplies, research, development and production of diagnostic reagents and drugs and vaccines, medical treatment and epidemic prevention safeguard, with all of its sci-tech personnel working on the frontline of fight against epidemic throughout the Spring Festival holiday. From January 21 to 24:00 of February 1, Sinopharm produced 10000 boxes of novel coronavirus diagnostic regent (for 0.50 million users) in total, organized its suppliers to provide medical institutions at all levels across the country with medical-grade protective materials, including 386400 sets of protective clothes, 108300 goggles, 36.6097 million pieces of various masks, 25.7450 million pairs of gloves, 186200 surgical gowns, 1.1756 million bottles of disinfection products; and transported 39.8929 million boxes of various medical supplies (including 25.8035 million boxes of chemical drugs, 13.0573 million boxes of traditional Chinese medicine and 1.0321 million boxes of biologics). Sinopharm established a 1 billion Yuan fund for fight against NCP outbreak. As of February 2, Sinopharm donated 26.65 million Yuan worth of materials in response to the NCP outbreak.

In the wake of NCP outbreak, China Mobile lost no time to activate its level 1 emergency response mechanism by sending emergency support personnel of 305.20 million person-times and dispatching 8214 emergency vehicles-times in cumulative terms. It donated 50 million Yuan in cash for epidemic containment and established base stations and opened video and medical dedicated lines at the epicenter hospitals of Huoshenshan, Leishenshan and Huanggang Dabieshan in Wuhan with nearly 60 million Yuan investment in Hubei. China Mobile launched 10 free experience items and distinctive services nationwide including cloud video, remote education, mobile phone newspaper, video MMS, magic set-top box and group SMS. It broadcasted the construction progress of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals live using 5G network and through 20 mainstream media outlets such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News and, with a total online viewership of more than 150 million person-times.

BAIC Group lost no time to do everything in its power to support the frontline of the epidemic containment. BAIC Group and its member companies and affiliates have donated 43 million Yuan worth of supplies through various channels. In addition, BAIC Group spares no effort to manufacture ambulances and special transport vehicles required for fight against the epidemic, as well as provides support to the frontline as fast as possible despite difficulties. Foton Motor, a BAIC company, is busy manufacturing negative pressure ambulances, participating in construction of Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan and doing everything in its power to support the epidemic prevention effort across the country.

Officers and employees of Beijing Railway Bureau immediately mounted a fight against the epidemic everywhere reachable in the wake of the outbreak. While maintaining good order of transport, they stay on duty, conducting body temperature measure and full-scale sterilization properly and supporting the transport of key personnel and supplies.

Beijing New Building Materials Group Co., Ltd provided Dragon branded plasterboard series and solutions as donation to construction of epidemic prevention hospital wards in Wuhan, Hubei, Beijing and even across the country, delivering the goods to the sites within the shortest possible timeframe and unloading all of the goods manually at hospitals despite the lack of forklifts.

BGE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd and its subsidiary Tiandingfeng provided fastest possible support to the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital at the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, by allocating protective materials right away and organizing and rushing technical teams and emergency construction teams to the sites for seepage-proof, waterproof and protective works at the emergency hospitals.

All business lines of Meituan-Dianping go all out to ensure service provision and epidemic prevention and control. Meituan Foundation declared 200 million Yuan donation to establish a fund for support and care of healthcare workers across the country; it launched the free meal delivery program for healthcare workers in Wuhan, took the lead to try out the “contactless delivery” in Wuhan, provided bicycles free of charge to address the commuting problems of healthcare workers in Wuhan, and launched seven initiatives in support of business establishments in need. 

DiDi established “medical support fleet” in Wuhan to provide local healthcare workers with free travel services around the clock during the Spring Festival holiday, at the sole expenses of DiDi. In addition, DiDi provides GPU cloud computing resources and technical support free of charge during the epidemic, available to any domestic public scientific research institutes focused on novel coronavirus research and drug development, hospitals, schools as well as online medical platforms, free educational resource providers and epidemic prevention resource rescue services.


Hotgen, a biotechnology company located at Z-Park Daxing Biomedical Base, provides necessary technical detection means for epidemic prevention and control, while its researchers work on the floor all the time and successfully developed novel coronavirus detection reagents, with 1000 boxes of such reagents supplied to clinical medical institutions across the country free of charge; Beijing Dian Diagnostics’ key personnel volunteered to join the novel coronavirus detection team and assist the medical institutions in eliminating and confirming pathogens, by making full use of the company’s detection platforms; Beijing Yiling Pharmaceutical worked overtime to produce Lianhua Qingwen capsule products during the Spring Festival holiday, effectively ensuring the supply of drugs to the frontline of epidemic containment. In addition, Daxing Biomedical Base Park also provided related companies and teams working on the frontline of epidemic containment with 0.5 million medical masks, 5000 protective clothes, 300 forehead thermometers, 2000 barrels of disinfectant, 6300 bottles of hand sanitizer, 75000 pairs of examination gloves and 30000 pairs of shoe cover.

In addition, Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd donated 1 million Yuan worth of nano-filtration water purification devices to Hubei Provincial Pneumonia Hospital and spares no efforts to ensure supply of drinking water to the affected areas. Hubei Yukou Poultry, a subsidiary of Huadu Yukou Poultry under the flag of Beijing Capital Agriculture Food Group, donated 120000 fresh eggs to the local residents, in support of the fight against the epidemic in Jingzhou. Beijing Yunji Technology Co., Ltd donated 10-odd robots and related accessories to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, as well as provided related support and deployed such devices at the quarantined hotels designated by Hangzhou municipal government.


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