BAST Leadership Group Members Visited and Condoled Former Leaders before the Spring Festival


The golden pig bid farewell to the old year and the lucky mouse welcomed the New Year. With the coming of the year of 2020 Spring Festival, Ma Lin, the secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, Sima Hong, Executive Vice-chairman of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, visited and condoled former leaders respectively, sending greetings and blessings to them on behalf of the Party Group of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology and all BAST cadres and staff.

On January 22 morning, the secretary Ma Lin came to Xi Luoyuan in Feng Tai District, sending greetings to the former leader, Ren Xiang, who is 92 years old. They sat together and communicate closely. After acquiring detailed knowledge of their living and physical condition, Ma Lin introduced the performance in the academic, popularization of science, consulting aspects and so on, which BAST gained in the last year, listened to Mr. Ren’s advice and suggestions to the development of BAST’s reform and development, expressing sincere gratitude for the great contribution they made to the BAST. These performance can’t do without their efforts. Thanks a lot for their contribution to the development of BAST, hoping they will support BAST’s development as always. On behalf of BAST and all cadres, the secretary Ma Lin gave condolence goods, hoping that he can live a happy life and family, as well as in good health. Mr. Ren expressed thanks to Ma Lin for paying attention to retirement work and care for retired comrades, he was delighted about the achievement which the BAST achieved in the last year, hoping the BAST will acquire greater performance and create new glory in the future.

On January 9 and January 17, Sima Hong came to the retired veteran cadres, Liu Peiwen, Xia Qiang’s home, asking their physical and living condition in detail, listening to their advice and suggestions about the development of BAST. Liu Peiwen advised that the BAST should play a role in the capital urban governance. In the daily work, we should have the courage to bring forth new ideas, insisting innovation and scientific thoughts and methods, uniting and guiding capital scientific and technical workers, as well as offering advice and suggestions for the development of our city. Xia Qiang suggested that we should insist to improve capital citizens’ scientific quality by carrying out scientific and technical books reading promotion activities,etc. Provided with scientific spirit and methods, more and more people can set a massy social base for the establish of Beijing science and technology innovation center. Sima Hong expressed that she will finish the current work well on the basis of veteran cadres’ valuable advice and suggestions. Do not forget the original intention, and always remember the mission, the BAST will inherit and carry forward veteran cadres’ spirit and passion, concentrating on all aspects of work, and making new contribution to high quality development of Beijing.

Tian Wen, Liu Xiaokan, Meng Fanxing, Sun Xiaofeng, Chen Weicheng, Zhang Yushan, members of leadership group came to veteran cadres’ home one by one according to the deploy, visiting former leaders and veteran cadres, chatting with them about family things and the future, inquiring their physical and daily life condition.

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