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National Olympiad in Informatics



  National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), which is hosted by China Computer Federation, is a national competition and popularization activity concerning informatics for youth. It is in synchrony with International Olympiad in Informatics advocated by UNESCO.

  Aim: popularizing knowledge on the computer to secondary school students; providing motive force and new thoughts for courses on information technology in the school; providing opportunities of communication and studying for talented students; and cultivating and selecting excellent computer talents through the contest and relevant activities.

  Background:  In 1984, Mr. Xiaoping Deng said, ‘Computer literacy should start with children.’ Ministry of education and CAST authorized China Computer Federation to hold National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI). In order to promote popularization of computer on a higher level and cultivate more talents on computer technology, the contest and relevant activities follows an open principle, any school or individual who are interested in computer can participate in the activities in their spare time voluntarily. Activity series of NOI include: National Olympiad in Informatics and online synchronous National Olympiad in Informatics, National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces, winter camp, selection contest, and going abroad for IOI.

  NOI: National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) has held 20 national contests in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macao since 1984. Every year, China Computer Federation organizes a 7-day contest participated by 33 representative teams from each province and autonomous region, each of which team comprising 4 contestants. Meanwhile, there is an online NOI in synchrony with NOI since 1999. In order to popularize computer, NOI selects provinces and autonomous regions where popularization and education of computer have been developed to hold the contest at the same time every year. Any contestant is qualified for participating NOI only via election.

  NOIP: National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP) has been held for 8 years since 1995. China Computer Federation is responsible for hosting NOIP every year. NOIP is held at different places at the same time, organized by special commissioners from respective provinces and autonomous regions. The application date is from 10 September to 20 Sep September every year, preliminary contests are held in the afternoon on the last Saturday of October every year, and quarter-finals are held in the afternoon on the last Saturday of November every year. The contest employs the same outline and test paper throughout the country, any student in middle or high school or other secondary vocational school can participate in NOIP. NOIP includes two stages, i.e. preliminary contests and the quarter-finals. The preliminary contests test common and practical knowledge on computer mainly by written examination, focusing on fundamental and practical knowledge. The quarter-finals test programming. Preliminary contestants at least obtaining a passing score are qualified for the quarter-finals. Each province and autonomous region shall participate in NOIP, which is a necessity for NOI.

  Winter Camp: Winter Camp of National Olympiad in Informatics (shortened for Winter Camp) conducts one-week training every winter vocation (in January). The Winter Camp lasts for 8 days, including 6 days of training and communication. Campers are classified into formal campers and informal ones. Contestants and directors getting the top 20 in NOI are formal campers, informal campers are volunteer participants. The Winter Camp provides trainings including lessons, lectures, discussions, tests, etc.

  Selection contest: a contest for selecting a Chinese representative team for IOI. Contestants of IOI are the top 20 contestants in NOI, they are trained together for 10 days, and the top 4 are selected to participate in IOI representing China.

  IOI: International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). China Computer Federation organizes a representative team to participate in the annual IOI. The team has participated in 15 IOIs since 1989. In 2000, IOI is held in Beijing and hosted by China Computer Federation.

  The Chinese team participates in IOI since 1989, and has won 30 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 12 copper medals all together. The Chinese team has become an acknowledged competent team of IOI, contestants, leader of the team and directors are received and praised by leaders of the Party and government and famous scientists, including Zemin Jiang, Peng Li and Lanqing Li.


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