Experts from Society of Food Science Give Directions on Organic Ecologically Cyclic Farm


  In 2013, the national policy for ‘three agricultural issues’ increases support to new patterns of rural commercial entities, including large rural families, family farms and farmer cooperatives.   

  Correspondingly, Society of Food Science carries out a project to set up an agriculture-related discipline alliance, so as to take advantage of experts of Society of Food Science, organize experts in the industry, and provide technical consultation and directions to middle and small size rural enterprises in the industry.   

  On June 27, staff of Society of Food Science and Professor RUI Yukui of China Agriculture University went to Anxin Planting Base. The base is an organic ecologically cyclic farm which produces organic vegetables and agricultural and sideline products. It is also a supplier participating in the whole process of plating and sales in Beijing. Experts investigated the production of the farm and discussed development of the farm with managers thereof. They also provide suggestions and directions on specific technical problems.

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